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Strategy Creation

The four P’s of strategy creation
Perceptions, Performance, Purpose and Process.

Technology Roadmaps
Starting with the output from a “Needs Based Exploration ®“, the roadmap guides the R&D efforts on what technologies are required to satisfy the needs identified, and provides a framework for managing the technology developments.

Scenario Planning
A strategic planning methodology used to test the robustness of a strategy.

It aids in understanding uncertainties and helps to rehearse the appropriate responses to possible futures.

MGPP – Multi Generational Product Planning
A Life cycle and generational planning of products, services and technology.

  • MGPP focuses business and management on the long term.
  • MGPP increases speed to market.
  • MGPP reduces development risk.
  • MGPP controls scope additions/changes to current design.
  • MGPP prevents products/services/processes from stagnating while the market changes around them

Walko Consulting has many years of experience in the development and implementation of business strategies utilizing methodologies ranging from simple to complex.