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Needs Based Exploration ®

What you need to know!

  • Are you targeting the right markets, end users with new products or technologies?
  • Where will a new technology best fit?
  • Are you identifying marketing gaps before you work on solutions?
  • Is your R&D inventing first and then trying to find a fit in the market?
  • Should you be investing in this company or startup?

Our methodology
Walko Consulting has developed a method to take ideas, concepts or technologies and screen them to find market opportunities you can participate in now.

Based on techniques in Market Research, Six Sigma’s Voice of Customer, Value Chain Analysis, House of Quality and including proprietary tools Walko Consulting can help you target your New Business Development process to find the winners fast.

Validate that you are investing in the right opportunities. Find out if you are targeting the right geographies. Where should you participate in the value stream?

How competitive is the market place you are considering? How solid is your Intellectual property position?

® Registered Trademark of Walko Consulting